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Car Insurance for Women: Essential Savings Tips for Female Drivers

06 Jul, 2023

Women have some of the most dynamic rates when it comes to insurance premiums. Several female motorists get rates determined by their age, occupation, and other factors. Also, there’s a consensus that could cost a lot more than their male counterparts.

But not anymore!

Cheap car insurance for ladies could be tricky to find without access to the correct facts. That’s why it’s essential to make the most of crucial info before settling for a particular auto cover deal.

And with several policy providers making a thing of gender-themed policies, you should have access to smarter deals. Better insurance policies are out there that cost lesser than you think. So, if you need cheap ladies car insurance, here’s the piece you’ve been waiting for!

With access to these facts, cheaper car insurance for ladies becomes more natural to attain.

How Much Women Pay for Car Insurance

There’re several factors put into consideration when computing car insurance for women. Even if factors vary from state to state,

Annual Average Insurance Rates
Age Men Women
< 18 $7,500+ $6,300+
18 – 21 $4,100+ $3,500+
22 – 25 $2,900+ $2,700+
26 – 30 $2,500+ $2,500+
31 – 35 $2,400+ $2,600+
36 – 45 $2,500+ $2,600+
46 – 55 $2,400+ $2,400+
56+ $2,400+ $2,400+

A close look at the above table reveals the dynamic effect age and gender has on calculating average premium rates. Younger females usually pay more for auto insurance. And the figure continues winding down with age.

Also, you’ll see that several age brackets have similar price ranges when it comes to rates across gender. Finally, older female drivers within their 40s – 60s pay a lot less than any other age bracket.

Annual average for 40yr old female with estimated price difference from male drivers
  Annual average rate for 40yr female driver’s policy Cost above 40yr male driver’s policy
Comprehensive cover
Good motorist with good credit $1,700+ $40+
Recent at-fault driver $2,600+ $50+
Good motorist with bad credit $3,000+ $80+
Drivers with low mileage $1,550+ $40+
Minimum coverage
Good driver with good credit $700+ $30+

Why is Gender a Rating Factor?

Statistically, more male drivers file for claims than women. Science proves that there’s a direct association between gender, magnitude, and insurance claim frequency. Hence, insurers take gender into account for drawing up premium rates.

Even though few states have outlawed the gender rating factor, insurers in over forty states still rely on this data.

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How Can I Save?

There’re several ways to get more money off your premium payments without hassle. Here’s a list of the top ways to save more on insurance payments;

Maintain a good credit score

Keeping a good credit history has several commensurate benefits. A driver with a good credit score receives a lesser premium rate, increasing your potential to save more.

Usage-based policies

Many insurance companies offer usage-based plans to drivers. Motorists that don’t use their cars benefit the most from these insurance packages. So, if you don’t use your vehicle for several hours each week, your premium rates will significantly reduce.

Payment Automation

There’s an option to get automated payments from insurance providers. Selecting policy auto-renewals minimizes the amount you’d have to pay in premiums.

Parking space

Where your vehicles get parked plays a role in how much you’ve got to pay for auto insurance. If your chosen parking spot is secure and locked, like a garage or parking space, you’re likely to spend less.

Deductible increase

Increasing your deductibles boosts your savings potential several notches, but you’ll have to be careful.

Raising your deductible may save you more in premium payments. If an accident takes place, you may have to pay more in out-of-pocket expenses.

Multi-vehicle policies

Got more than one car? There’s a chance you’ll save more in a multi-vehicle discount than separate policies for each vehicle. Consider placing both cars on one policy, and your insurer would most likely reduce your premium rates.

Security systems

If your vehicle has pre-installed security systems, your insurers would undoubtedly offer you a policy with lower rates. Anti-theft devices, alarm systems, and more beat your premium rates down.

Car Insurance Discounts For Female Drivers

Policy bundling

Bundling policies is a norm for significantly beating down your premium rates. Several insurers offer home, auto, life insurance, etc.

If you choose to get a combined policy from one insurer, there’s a high chance of getting massive discounts. In some cases, drivers get access to almost half of their entire combined policies in cuts.

So, multiple policy purchases from one policy provider is an excellent way to get money off your auto deal.


Comparing quotes across insurers is another smart way to bag huge discounts. While there’re several companies with similar rates, a few insurers stand out. Taking time out to search for the cheapest deals out there could outweigh the benefits of gender-based rates.

Defensive driving

Having good driving skills makes the difference and gets you discounted rates in the long run. Also, several insurance firms offer discounts to drivers after completing an approved course.

Group discounts

Being part of a professional group or auto club comes with its benefits and discounts. For example, being a part of an educational organization could get you several deductions on your premium rates.

States Where Car Insurance is the Same for Men and Women

Several US states have successfully bridged the gap between male and female insurance policy rates. Also, a fraction of American states such as Hawaii, Montana, Pennsylvania, etc. bar insurers from calculating premiums with gender.

Such legislation limits young women to pay more than usual. The reason is, several age brackets of male drivers get high-risk status and spend more than women anyway.

So, with the gender cap removed from calculating premiums, women pay the same rates as their high-risk male counterparts.

Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance for Women

Checking out better auto insurance rates for women could be tasking. But several established insurers offer great deals for female drivers.

In general, companies like Progressive provide cheaper auto insurance rates to female drivers. Other firms such as Nationwide also provide budget rates for female motorists.

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