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7 Day Car Insurance: Essential Info for Short-Term Cover

06 Jul, 2023

It’s illegal across U.S. states to use a car without an insurance policy. If you drive on American roads without an auto insurance policy, you could pay fines or face jail time. Also, gaps in insurance policies could mean you’ll have to pay more for cover.

Since you’re now sure there’s no gain from driving without insurance, what’s the best course of action?

The best course to drive a car and avoid legal issues is through seven-day car insurance. With a cheap 7 day car insurance plan, you’ll get on the road with the same cover as long-term plans.

Right now, several companies offer a week-long insurance policy. Making the most of your decision begins with access to relevant facts. That’s why this read presents essential info on seven-day insurance policies.

What is 7-Day Insurance?

As the name suggests, seven day car insurance is an auto policy plan designed to span one week. The premium you pay starts counting immediately and elapses precisely seven days after.

What Is 7 Day Car Insurance Coverage?

Seven-day insurance coverage provides cover for bodily or property damage for motorists. Its scope is similar to liability coverage, with a few marked differences. Short-term insurance plans like seven-day cover are proven to be expensive.

How Much is 7-day Insurance?

Most companies that offer seven-day insurance charge pretty-high rates for this short-term cover. Usually, companies charge within $150 - $350 for a one-week protection.

Week-long insurance plans are expensive and cost more to maintain than long-term plans. Such a policy should only get consideration in special circumstances.

When Would I Need Seven-Day Insurance?

New resident

Shopping around for the best policies could be time-consuming, particularly for new residents. Moving into a new state and getting a seven-day policy gives you more time to get the best deal. Although the first payment may be costly, it’s better than hurrying into a long-term policy.


Taking a rental vehicle without buying the company’s policy could be risky. If an accident occurs involving the vehicle, you could pay thousands of dollars for damages.

Getting a seven-day policy makes it easier to use a rental vehicle for several days with enhanced comfort.

Car up for sale

Are you putting your car on sale? Don’t have a policy that lasts longer than the time you’re planning to sell it off? Seven-day insurance plans offer the best protection to keep your car insured before it gets sold.

Selling off an uninsured car could be challenging. But with this short-term plan, there’s no hassle in brokering a great deal.

Borrowed vehicles

Are you thinking about borrowing a friend’s car in place of a rental vehicle? Seven-day insurance remains the ideal plan to select.

Also, if a friend borrows your car for some days, you’d have to advise they get a seven-day cover. And there’s an upside to buying a week-old auto insurance plan. Whatever happens during this period won’t affect your existing plans.

Teen drivers

If you’ve got a teen of driving age around for a few days, getting a seven-day cover becomes expedient.

A week-long plan provides the protection your teen drivers need, and cover any expenses if an accident happens. The benefit of this plan for teen drivers is the excellent cover it provides for property and bodily injury damage.

Filling-in for driver

Chances are your preferred driver is sick, and you need someone else to fill in until he/she recovers. A seven-day policy works best in this case when you don’t intend to use the car for long periods.

Gap prevention

Did you recently register an auto policy from a new company? If the date for the new plan to set in doesn’t overlap your previous policy, there could be trouble.

7 day car insurance provides the recourse you need to forestall any gap incident in your auto insurance cover. With this policy, continuity is sure, giving you a better insurer rating and lower premium.

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Who Offers 7-Day Insurance?

A few insurance providers currently offer seven-day auto insurance. One of the most popular, L.A. Insurance, offers its services to motorists in Michigan.

Alternatives to 7-Day Insurance

Although 7 day auto insurance looks good for many short-term vehicle use, it’s not the best for some motorists. Having to pay for insurance every week continuously could stack up several costs out of your favor.

Facts prove that long-term insurance cover, like 6-month or annual auto policies, save you more money. In some cases, you could save more than expected when you opt for a long-term plan. That’s why these alternatives should appeal to your fancy without hassle.

Quote shopping

An excellent alternative to getting seven-day insurance is shopping around for a cheaper policy. A mountain of insurance policies is available online. Also, you don’t need to get to a brick-mortar setting for a quote.

Online quotes are becoming more common. And you can conveniently compare quotes to get a cost-effective deal.

No down payment insurance

Not paying a bulk sum for insurance cover is great, particularly for drivers that currently can’t afford huge installment payments.

No down payment cover provides you full insurance privileges with minimal payment.

In most cases, the only initial requirement to get this cover is a monthly payment of the entire policy. And paying this amount could cost a lot less than paying for weekly insurance cover likely to exceed your monthly rate.

Rental insurance

Getting rental insurance is a direct alternative if you’re not borrowing a friend’s vehicle. Several rental-car companies offer tailored insurance plans to provide safety for the duration of use.

Usage-based insurance

Several insurance companies offer usage-based insurance policies. Through the help of telematics, insurers can calculate how frequently you use your vehicle. Calculating your rates through this info beats down your premiums.

And the upside to usage-based policies is the excellent cover it provides for drivers, even at the budget price.

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