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Auto-mobile has been the most popular mode of transportation in our world today. Therefore, insuring them seems wise since we can’t tell what might happen to our precious auto-mobile. MyCityAutoInsurance is invested in making sure that they provide all Cheap auto insurance nearer to your city. So have you been wondering, ‘where can I find Cheap auto insurance in my city?’ I can assure you that you are finally at the right place to get the perfect answer for that. We make sure we provide the cheapest auto insurance policy the same as the insurance requirements for your state.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance near me?

According to research, USAA seems to be the most affordable major insurers in the country. The cost of six months policy will cost an average of$215, 55% below the national average.

When considering insurers with a smaller national footprint, Farm Bureau insurance costs $218 for a six-month policy, Erie is $226. they are both ranked as the cheapest.

Top 5 major car insurance company ranked on a price for a full coverage policy

Company Name Average Annual Price
Nationwide/Allied $1,227
Farmers $1,351
Progressive $1,415
Allstate $1,758

The cheapest insurers by state

Prices for car insurance varies differently between states. An insurance company might be expensive in Ohio and cheap in Delaware.

The table below highlights the cheapest insurance companies and the states they are

Cheapest insurer state
Nationwide Alabama
Georgia Farm Bureau Georgia
Island Insurance Hawaii
Erie Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C.
IMT Insurance Iowa
Safety Insurance Massachusetts
Auto-Owners Michigan
Nebraska Farm Bureau Nebraska
Grinnell Mutual North Dakota
Country Financial Oregon
Progressive Rhode Island
American Family South Dakota
Farm Bureau Mutual Utah
Virginia Farm Bureau Virginia
Mutual of Enumclaw Washington
Westfield West Virginia

10 tips to get Cheap auto insurance

According to research, the insurance sector is likely not to drop down in price in the nearest future. However, there are procedures to follow in the quest for minimizing and reducing the amount spent on auto insurance.

Below are some useful tips to get cheap auto insurance :

I.Take your time to shop around

The rates offered by different insurance companies varies widely. If already have one, you might get lucky finding another company offering the same insurance policy for a cheaper rate. So it is always recommended to compare different auto insurance companies in other to suit your particular budget.

II.Suspend coverage on unused vehicles

Needless to stress how wise it is to suspend your coverage on vehicles planned not to be used main time. Canceling or temporarily suspending the insurance for the vehicle is advisable, although, not all companies allow temporal suspension of insurance. However, suspending your liability and collision coverage and retaining your comprehensive coverage may do the trick.

III.Avoid unnecessary coverage

Most states excluding New Hampshire allow drivers to have a minimum amount of liability insurance to cover damages or loss. Going beyond the state minimums is always advisable according to Consumer Reports. You can purchase liability insurance covering $100,000 per person, $300,000 per incident, and also 100, 000 per property damage. Although, canceling your comprehensive and collision (C&C) coverage might go a long way saving your money on your insurance. Collision coverage covers damages done on your car when you involved in an accident with another vehicle or an object. Comprehensive coverage on the other hand will protect you from losses not related to a collision. Examples are damaged caused by animal, theft, vandalism, and so on.

IV.Add a raise to your deductible

Carrying liability insurance alone hinders you from having a deductible, the insurance is for covering losses you cause to others. A deductible is the money agreed to be paid before your insurer will attempt any payment to cover your loss. However, the larger the deductible amount agreed to be paid, then the lower your insurance premiums will be. You can get a deductible from C&C coverage. Although, it is advisable to cancel C&C coverage when the premium for it reaches 10% according to Consumer Reports recommendation. If not, you might be expected to pay more on the coverage if you continue to pay for C&C coverage. You might even pay more than you will need to replace or repair a vehicle.

V.Policy Bundling

Having separate policies from different companies sometimes is not a wise decision to make in an attempt to reduce costs. It is always advisable to group all purchased policies since it sometimes always cheaper than the aforementioned one. Homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance can be bundled together. Including umbrella policy is smart, this makes sure you are protected from liability beyond the coverage of your auto policy. It is also called excess liability insurance.

VI.PPM or Telematics insurance might do the trick

If you seldom drive many miles and also careful when driving, pay-per-mile (PPM) is the way to save some money. Esurance and Metromile are known to offer PPM programs. They use tracking devices to track cars in other to calculate the number of miles a driver drives annually. Esurance will probably reduce premiums if you drive less than 10,000 miles. Most major insurance companies can go extreme by tacking driving attitudes such as speeding, driving late in the dark. This is done by using a telematics device to track you. Allstate offers a 25% discount and Progressive offers an average of $130 discount for being a careful driver

VII.Don’t miss out on discounts available

Lots of car insurance companies offer their clients a wide range of discounts depending on what the vehicle contains. However, it is important to request the ones that apply to you and let your bill reflects them. You will get a 40% discount if your car s equipped with a full-front seat airbag. They also offer a 25% discount if more than one vehicle is insured n their company.

VIII.Improve your credit score

Having a good credit score will no doubt influence your insurance rates. According to statistics, 95% of all auto companies use insurance credit scores when setting premiums in states when considered legal. Your insurance credit score is important because it is designed to quantify your risk to an insurer. Nationwide one of the reliable auto companies uses the following aspects of your credit score when deciding premiums: l

l Payment history, including both your late payments and failure to pay

l The total length of your credit history l

l The types of credit already in your history

IX. Cautious driving

Cautious drivers are likely to get the best rates. In other ways, your actions can determine how cheap your rate can be. Most auto insurance companies especially the major ones have various criteria for what constitutes a safe driving record. But the standard one is not having been ticketed for violation of movement or causing an accident.

Insurers make use of driving records which covers at least 7 to 10 years. Speeding tickets stays on your record for five years only, but DUI probably remain in your record for a decade

X.Avoid fees

Insurance companies most times apply charges for payments made. It is a way of making you pay your entire bills once rather than installation payments. Let’s take Farmers insurance, for example, they charge $2 if bills are not received via mail. Also, $5 is charged by the insurer if payments are not deducted automatically from your bank account.

How to find Cheap auto insurance in your city

After purchasing a car, this question might cross your mind, will my city auto insurance companies have a favorable rate? Although, some people under the recommendation of friends or advertisements might be lucky to get auto insurance at a cheaper rate. But, there is always a ‘ How’ to go about it.

1. Carefully research on the top-rated auto insurance companies in your city

Even if all insurance companies in your city has the same amount of coverage offered, something will be different. For example, the rates in handling claims, payments made, and the provision of customer services. So when researching, highlight your priorities in other to help you find the best car insurance n your city.

2. Be sure of the type of coverage you need

Your location and situations determine the amount you will spend on coverage. For example, when driving an older car and you like no to care if t get involves in an accident. In this case, you might want to consider state minimum insurance. But in the cases where you have exotic cars, you might end up spending more to protect your car.

Finally, determine the amount you want to pay for a deductible. If your driving records are clean, then it is worth the risk of increasing your deductibles. With this, you will get lower premiums but liable to pay more when an accident occurs.

3. Know the events that negatively impact your insurance

Life events sometimes can negatively affect your insurance rates, and this might cause them to skyrocket. Violation of traffics, filing a claim, relocating to a high-crime neighborhood will most time cause an increase in rates. Although, some companies pay less attention to those events when preparing a quote. It is important to consider that aspect when comparing different companies’ quotes n your city

4. Check out the discounts you are qualified for

other life events that might look favorable for you when choosing a car insurance company. Combining car insurance with homeowners' insurance, experienced driver, and living in a low crime neighborhood will do the trick.

Remember to revisit your numbers for car insurance when one of these life events has occurred

What goes into auto insurance quotes?

Many factors affect your auto insurance quotes which in all cases differ from company to company. for example, where one company raises your rates by 10% living in an area with high-crime, another might charge 5%. Although both companies considered the amount of crime in your area, they calculated your insurance risk differently.

The factors that affect car insurance quotes are:

  • Your location
  • Coverage chose
  • How often you drive as well as your driving record
  • Your characteristics
  • Information about your vehicle
  • Credit score
  • Car insurance history

How to compare free auto insurance quotes online

With a lot of auto insurance companies in the U.S., it might be tedious comparing different auto insurance quotes. You would probably have different coverage and cost to choose from and not be sure if you chose right.

But with the help of personal information, you can easily compare different company's quotes.

The personal information mostly needed is

  • Your Location- Some insurance companies charge their fees base on their customer's location due to geographical relative variables such as crime rates.
  • Your Home- Premiums placed on car insurance are quite expensive for customers with rented homes, unlike the ones who own their homes. Drivers with rented homes pay up to 47% on car insurance and share the same coverage a homeowner will.
  • Your Gender - According to research, men tends to pay more than women
  • Driving Record -Your driving history is important to the insurer as it is used to determine your monthly bill.
  • You Car -auto insurance companies indicate your chances of accidents or theft via the maker and the model of your car. The price of your car will also help them determine the average cost of repairs.
  • Your Marital Status --married couples most times have cheaper car insurance rates since they usually don’t get involved in many accidents.
  • Your age -Young drivers are most likely to have the most expensive car insurance premiums. But, the insurance becomes cheaper the more you grow and gain driving experience.

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