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Car Insurance for Single Moms

06 Jul, 2023

Being a single mom comes with several challenges, particularly if you’re new to the status. An avalanche of expenses and limited resources is a recipe for parenting disaster. But a great car insurance deal can significantly ease the financial worry.

Right now, there’s no tailored car insurance for single moms, but several options exist most likely to benefit one-parent families.

To access the best car insurance for single mothers, you need access to the best info. That’s why this piece brings you correct facts on insurance for single moms. Relevant facts make it a lot easier to max out discounts and get cheaper deals for more financial relief.

Auto Insurance Coverage Types for Single Parents

Bundling insurance

Getting your home and auto insurance from a single provider remains an outstanding course to save more money. Bundling your home and car packages could deliver discounts of over 30%. And several providers offer bundling packages for several hundred bucks less.

Since you’re a single mom with limited cash, bundling insurance plans could be the best way to go.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage

Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage keeps you protected if your vehicle gets involved in a crash with an uninsured driver.

If you need to file a claim, this coverage policy will keep you from paying out-of-pocket expenses.

Liability auto insurance

Minimum auto insurance is mandatory across US states. Liability insurance offers cover for property damage and bodily injury if an accident involves your vehicle. State limits differ when it comes to liability auto insurance.

On the flip side, it’s essential to buy the highest liability auto insurance coverage. With a high liability insurance cover, you can if you’re likely to request a huge claim later on.

Rental reimbursement cover

If your car is in bad shape at the moment and needs an urgent fix, rental reimbursement cover is essential. With this package, your policy provider will pay for expenses incurred through the period of using a rental car.

Roadside Assistance

Getting roadside assistance is essential for single parents, particularly if you use your vehicle for long trips. With roadside assistance, you can conveniently get help in challenging situations at a minimal cost.

Group insurance

Membership in a group or auto club also comes with several benefits for single mothers. Many occupation-based discounts only support drivers in a particular organization. And in other cases, some organizations have discounts tailored for their members.

So, check out your occupation and if any discounts are available from being in a group policy.

How Does Your Marital Status Affect Your Premiums?

Married couples get a special status when it comes to premium rates. Policy providers see married couples as less likely to get involved in an accident than single parents.

Car Insurance After Divorce Or Separated

Separations may be civil or damaging for couples. Regardless of how the break-up happens, there’s a lot to handle in your insurance policy.

Here’s a detailed look at what should happen to your insurance policy right after a marriage split;

Plan cancelation or member removal

Based on the vehicle you and your spouse agree to part with, there have to be tweaks to your insurance policy. In most cases, couples opt for a spouse to exit the family policy instead of an all-out cancelation.

On the flip side, some ex-couples may cancel the policy if current premiums are expensive or don’t meet their needs.

Switching plans

If an estranged couple opts for one ex-partner to leave the auto policy, the next step usually involves plan-switching. Single parents paying for comprehensive cover with all add-ons could be tasking. So, removing several extras less likely to put you at risk is essential.

Limit changes

If you’re driving your car less after a divorce, then changing your limits could be a thrifty choice. But couples intending to get more mileage and possess the financial means may require upping their limits.

Deductible raises

Single parents in a cash-strapped situation mostly opt for a deductible raise after a split. Although deductible raises could be risky, motorists with good road records get to pay fewer dollars in premiums.

Policies for other family members

If a divorced couple has kids of driving age, it becomes expedient for one parent to bear the cost. It will be unwise to register an expensive policy for your kid. Adding your child to your existing policy is affordable and saves more money in the long run.

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Car Insurance For Widows/Widowers

Widowed drivers get the same designation as single parents for auto insurance. The best recourse for a recently-widowed driver is to enhance cutbacks and push down premium payments.

Also, it could be great to opt for a usage-based policy. Several companies offer usage-based policies that are cheap to maintain. Talking to your broker or insurer about the cheapest deal available will also get you a great deal.

Cheapest Insurance Companies for a Single Parent

Companies Discounts Offered/Accepted
Nationwide Offers discounts to drivers fifty-years and older in selected states
Farmers Discounts to drivers within 55 – 65 years in selected states
USAA Defensive driving course for qualified customers
State Farm Discounts available for drivers in several states
Safeco Three year discount for drivers after completing approved course in select states
Allstate Ten percent discount for 55+ drivers after approved course completion
21st Century Ten percent safe driving discount, fifteen percent discount for completing approved course

Apart from these companies, several other insurers offer discounts in some form for drivers with good driving records.

Car Insurance Discounts for Single Parents

Mileage discount

Getting more mileage on your vehicle without filing claims usually beats down premium rates. Insurers will likely have to pay fewer in claims for an older vehicle than one right out of the dealership.

Good driver discount

Single parents get discounts if they’re driving record remains squeaky clean. Most insurance companies will beat down premium costs when you go several years without a car crash. A few insurance firms also offer good drivers waivers after a first accident.

You can make use of several available discounts and wise decisions to lower your premiums and get cheap auto cover.

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